12 Mar 2019

University of New Hampshire Chemistry Lab

Location: Durham, NH

The renovation of the university’s chemistry building required major upgrades to the research and wet teaching labs with a requirement for a central water purification system. With limited space available the system was configured using 3D modeling to fit and meet all performance requirements. Installation of the water treatment system included a 4,000 gallon per day RO/DI system with Carbon and Softening for Pre-Treatment. The low maintenance design provides all of the pure water requirements for the building. The installed system meets CAP Type II water quality standards.

Pre-Treatment: Backwash Carbon Duplex 32K Grain Softener
Production: 4,300 GPD Membrane
Size: 4×40 Filmtec TW304040
Recovery Rate: 750 Gallon
Distribution Flowrate: 80 GPM x 2
MB DI: 3 x 3cu/ft
UV Oxidation: 254nm @ 95% UVT
Final Filtration: 0.2um
Distribution Piping: SF PPL
Controls: PLC, HMI, UL Listed
Skid Frame: Epoxy Painted Steel