Does your lab require ultrapure water, superior anhydrous
solvents, or safe solvent dispensing equipment?

We manufacture the industry leading solvent purification and high purity water systems for academic research, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology product production.

Solvent purification solutions for your research

For academic researchers and laboratories involved in the purification
of organic solvents, large quantities of flammable solvent around the
lab is a safety and cost concern. The potential for serious injury and
expensive damage from past traditional distillation methods demands that
researchers seriously consider the benefits of the new state-of-the-art
secure systems as the cost from risk can far outweigh the cost of a
safe reliable purification system from Pure Process Technology.
Employing the column method in your research reduces the likelihood of
accidents and ensures accurate test results.

Solvent purification and dispensing systems that fit your requirements

You’ll be assisted by our dedicated team in determining which system is right for you. While assessing your needs, budget and future considerations PPT will guide you step by step through the process of system selection.

Water purification solutions for laboratory experiments

Scientists in labs around the world use water for a multitude of purposes. But the quality of this reagent with trace levels contaminants and variabilities in water are putting too many results at risk. 

Get reliable, accurate results from your experiments

Our water systems are built in accordance with the ASTM, CLSI and USP specifications. Our designs and expertise guarantee your unique requirements are met. We review all aspects of your present needs with an awareness of potential future growth and determine the most efficient and cost-effective way to execute the project. With our in-house install and service technicians, we complete your project on time, on budget and ready to deliver high purity water for it’s intended use.

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