About Us

PPT is a dynamic growing company with a customer-centric approach to design, production, and service. Our resourceful in-house team of experienced professional technicians are constantly originating and applying new approaches and concepts, in the manufacture of our water and solvent purification systems, that translate into real value for the consumer.

The Key to Our Success = Understanding Our Customer’s Needs

As a team we support a strong, stable company, building enduring water and solvent purification systems with reliable, performance tested parts. We develop trust within our buying communities with responsive service and equipment that delivers predictable results.

Our reputation for quality and dependability is well known and our systems are currently employed for a myriad of applications in such fields as life science construction, biopharma, medical, R&D research facilities, agriculture/grow facilities and university chem labs for meeting high purity water and pure dry solvent demands.

Our Story

PPT was born from the ambition of Peter Sampson, a man determined to be a major influencer in the way water treatment systems are designed, engineered and built. Peter built his career around his ability and gift to problem solve all things mechanical. Initially working for his Dad in the semiconductor industry, he acquired 8 years of additional industry knowledge and experience from a position with a large semiconductor OEM. Building on this industry foundation Pete created a distribution network for a major water purification company in Germany.

Although Pete was a student and fan of German design aesthetics, he recognized a lack of balance between serviceability, design, and functionality. It soon became evident that if he wanted to compete in the US markets, he needed to utilize design and components made in the United States. By 2012, having outgrown the relationship with Germany, the company parted ways and was renamed Pure Process Technology, to better represent their new direction and product lines.

Our Vision for the Future

With a team comprised of the industries best and a growing client list, Pure Process Technology continues to evolve and become a true product-based company, with pre-engineered, fabricated solutions designed to fit the customer’s specific need. In Pete’s own words: “We’ve already mastered the creation of the best turn-key purification products based on client needs and feedback, all that remains is to put our technology, experience and knowledge to work for your next unique project.”

Water Purification Solutions Expert