Pure Process Technology provides solutions to diverse markets and industries for their solvent and water purification needs

Product requirements for all industries are influenced by demanding specifications inherent in their unique challenges, type of service, and system purpose. Pure Process Technology has experience in providing solutions for many industries and understands the distinctions, processes, and end-result expectations of our diverse clientele.

A Variety of Industry Needs

PPT brand solutions are employed across a wide variety of projects and applications.  End user needs encompassing small-scale academic labs and large-scale life-science building developments, to biotech R&D laboratories and commercial process integration, utilize our high-quality purification systems for maximum contaminant control and pure results. PPT’s designs and equipment help our clients achieve their goals

All industries have these needs in common –

Solutions that are on-time, on budget, with consistently reliable results

Benefits to overall markets

Significant cost and time savings

We build and deliver predesigned quality systems quickly and efficiently

Our systems are reliable, dependable and consists of the highest quality components

We have decades of experience

We stand behind our reliable, robust systems

Markets we Serve

A & E / Contractors


Industry and Energy

Industrial water treatment

Agriculture and Cultivation

Ultra pure water for greenhouse cultivation

Academic Research/Lab