Skidspec Solution example

A customizable, reliable and efficient way to produce purified water for large scale use

Best water purification solution

  • When you require custom configuration due to space constraints
  • When you need fast turn-around of submittals from quality vendors
  • When you need flexible, sturdy, skidded system sections that can easily be moved and installed
  • When your project requires a reliable and efficient way to produce purified water
SkidSpec custom engineered system

SkidSpec Building Process

Our Solidworks designer will assist you in creating the perfect P&ID to meet your specifications and we will create a water purification system that meets your purity specs and accommodates your unique space.

The PPT Advantage of SkidSpec 

Typical Applications

Standard System Specifications

System Options

  • Full specifications, designs, drawings, & submittals
  • Reduced design & build costs
  • Rapid buildout, delivery & installation
  • Modular design = Flexible layout options
  • Central lab water systems
  • Central sterile suites
  • Final rinse water for high purity washing and sterilization
  • Process water requiring RO purification
  • Inlet water quality—standard city drinking water
  • Carbon and softener pretreatment
  • Structural aluminum skid frame
  • PLC controls with “6 HMI
  • Design recovery of 70%
  • Duplex pump and filter configurations
  • Multi-bed DI / EDI
  • 500 – 750 – 1000 gallon storage tanks
  • RO reject pump skid
Watch SkidSpec Onsite

Make us your water system design partner and realize significant cost and time savings. We have built and delivered our predesigned water quality systems quickly and efficiently for over 20 years.