We combine in-depth expertise, flexible design, and quality components to manufacture cost-effective solutions for energy and industrial applications

Industrial equipment often requires high purity water. It could be for working with metals or plastics, or possibly for high-powered water jets. Whatever the application, a water purification system can help industrial and energy businesses.

Example of Applications

Power plants for the reforming process

Ensuring consistent water quality into hydrogen generators

Water treatment systems for cleaning and sterilization

Water Treatment systems for Industrial and Energy Applications

Our quality systems are robust and reliable

PPT continues to manufacture, install, and service high purity water systems for a broad range of customers. Our clients have experienced superior water purification solutions, through innovation, quality, endurance, and dependability, as the standard for every system we manufacture. By utilizing the highest quality products and components within our process, we have been able to realize a +99% uptime metric across all our projects.

Our experienced expert technical team develop designs that are:

  • Cost-effective
  • Minimize maintenance
  • Commission quickly and are flexible
Industry expertise, service and support

Solutions for your unique applications