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Answer: Hi Josh, Thanks for reaching out, yes, we can take care of your columns. If you send them back we can refill and activate them - cost is $850.00 per solvent (two columns) plus $945.00 if you need an ISO columns (small columns at the top of the valve plate.  We only use those for Amine solvents, it will stick out if you look at the system) This is really the only option other than replacement columns which are $1,450.00 per solvent. Those we send you new ones first then you send the old ones back empty and dry. Let me know which solvents you have and we can send a quote. -Thanks, Pete Sampson  
Answer: Thanks for contacting us. To answer your questions, yes you can use High Purity N2 in place of Ar as long as it's from a liquid source (blow off from a dewar or liquid tank). If you're all set with that then we could fit a five solvent system inside 43", I attached a drawing for you to look at. As for ventilation that's your choice, most just place the system in the lab, others do more. It's really a case by case basis depending on EH&S requirements. If that all looks good, let me know which solvents you want in the system and I can send a quote over. - Thanks, Pete Sampson, PPT President
Answer: Thank you for contacting PPT concerning your solvent question. You can try a few things. First, I would need to know what pressure the Argon Gas is set to? Ideally, you want that between 8-12psi, I recommend running the system at 10psi. You can also try removing the flask and using a beaker. Place it beneath where the flask goes and open the solvent valve. The solvent should flow freely into the beaker. If you do not get good flow, try removing the tubing above the filter, but first, you need to close the valve on the column. Then try flowing solvent through the tubing above the filter.
Answer: PPT's response to the question about this 4-column system: We recommend changing columns after 4-5 years; typically, that's the life span of columns for a lab with average use. The other way is to test for water with a Karl Fisher Titrator but most labs do not have access to those. Yes, our columnsfit both glass contour and PPT systems. Using HPLC or ACS grade solventis recommended for filling columns, anhydrous solvent is much more expensive and not necessary.
Answer: PPT's response to this 2-part question about the system installed in 2011: Generally, we recommend changing columns every four to five years but based on your usage above you have not used a lot of solvents.  On a volume basis, the capacity ranges between 600 - 800 liters of capacity.  I would say you are probably fine for now however without testing, it's difficult to know how exactly the columns are performing.  If your reactions are looking good and you’re not seeing any unusual results I would say run them for another year and then think about changing them. My recommendations are, of course, based on proper use and proper quality of solvents through the system. Feel free to contact our office for prompt processing of replacement columns when you are ready.
Answer: The easiest way would be to strap the Solvent Cabinet up to the frame lifting it off the floor.  Use casters under each leg of the frame to roll it to its new location. This way you do not have to disconnect anything, we've done this many times and can lend you the casters if needed. This only works if you are moving it between rooms or buildings close by. Feel free to call me at your convenience to discuss your particular circumstances further.  

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