Water Purification Systems

We manufacture, install, and service industrial water purification systems for a broad range of industries.PPT manufactures all types of industrial water purification systems. (RO, RO/DI and USP). We meet all industry standard specifications including ASTM Type I, II, Ill – CLSI – USP

  • icons Significant cost and time savings
  • icons Minimized maintenance
  • icons Quick and flexible installment
  • icons Water systems that aligns with FDA/USP purified water
  • icons Scalable,turnkey modules that meet your water and space requirements

Featuring our best selling, high-performance platforms

Our two products meet 90% of the requirements our customer need for purified water. You have the choice between our 4 different turnkey QuickLab units, or to have your whole system customized
through our SkidSpec services.

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