Laboratory Design & Build Contractors

Architectural and Engineering Firms

  • You need to get your project done on time
  • You need to stay within budget

We Team up with you

We partner with you to share our decades of engineering expertise.

One of the main drivers for the development of our pre-engineered water purification systems is to ease the burden of specifying systems for A&E firms in the bidding process.

With that in mind, PPT set out to develop SkidSpec and QuickLab in such a way that we can provide the documentation needed quickly and easily to move projects forward from the beginning of the process.

The benefits of working with us

By engaging with PPT early in your project phase, design revisions are reduced, saving you time, cost, and resources. We become invested in your success and involved in your specification journey.

Construction Management

  • You need to determine the requirements to solve a problem.
  • You need assistance to design a solution.
  • You need accurate system design documents

We make your life easier

We help you determine the needs of your customers as they relate to the equipment.

We work with you to calculate what the equipment must do to meet those requirements and provide the necessary schematics for your specification.

With SkidSpec we provide submittal packages in as early as 5 working days in most cases, never more than 10 working days for 95% of projects.

The benefits of working with us

We deliver. When we say we’ll have equipment on a site it will be there. And we don’t just drop our equipment on the site and wish you luck. We are with the project every step of the way, working for you to ensure the system is installed, sanitized, commissioned and turned over quickly and properly.

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