25 Feb 2019

Two Pass RO/DI System

Location: International

A major supplier of fuel cell power plants required an efficient, turnkey water purification system to produce water needed in the reforming process. Using our 3D modeling programs, a single skid system was designed for small footprint and minimal maintenance. Continuous electro-deionization eliminated the need for exchange mixed bed DI tanks. Standard Carbon and Water Softener pretreatment was replaced by Antichlor chemical and Antiscalant injection. This two pass reverse osmosis system produces ASTM Type 2 water at a rate of 6 gallon per minute for reliable 24/7 operation for a wide range of incoming Water Quality.

Project Scope:

Pre-Treatment: Antichlorine Injection
Antiscalant Injection
RO/EDI Production: 8,600 GPD
Membrane Size: 11 4×40 Filmtec TW304040
Recovery Rate: 70%
Storage Tank: 1500 Gallons
Distribution Flowrate: 10 GPM
Distribution Piping: SCH80 PVC
Final Filtration 5 um
Controls: PLC, HMI, UL Listed
Skid Frame: Structural Aluminum