01 Mar 2019

Confidential RO System Package with Reject Water Skid

Location: Cambridge, MA

PPT’s SKidSpec RODI is supplying high purity water for multiple R&D tenants conducting advanced scientific research and discoveries to benefit all.

This RODI system with reject water reclaim option was built for multi-tenant heavy usage of high purity water in Cambridge, MA. The RODI water generated is being used by labs conducting breakthrough research and development focused on:

  1. Using advanced cellular therapies R&D to advance genetic engineering.
  2. Leveraging the relationship between protein motion and function which creates opportunities to develop more effective therapies for multiple diseases.
  3. Harnessing the power of single-cell RNA sequencing to discover precision therapeutics for complex diseases such as cancer and autoimmunity.

The project scope included a complete turnkey, Skid Mounted RO 6 gallon per minute system with full treatment including carbon, dual train with softener for pre-treatment, a full PLC package, duplex DFD distribution pumps feeding into a 250 nanometer UV, with .2-micron final filters and a 750 gal. storage tank to feed 3 floors in the multi-tenant building.

As part of a complete installation package, a functional test is performed on all PPT products prior to shipping, followed up by post-delivery deliverables such as:

  1. P&ID
  2. As-Built 1-line electrical plan
  3. Hydrostatic test report
  4. Onsite performance report