25 Feb 2019

Sustainable Farming

Location: Charlestown, MA

This innovative client in Boston, Massachusetts is an agricultural technology company that works with plant microbes, aiming to improve yields of cotton, wheat, corn, soybeans, and rice. The company also offers crop storage and other logistics programs for farmers. Their focus is on improving grower profitability, environmental sustainability, and consumer health using natural microbiology and digital technologies. A critical aspect of their mission is providing healthy, traceable food to consumers. Their microbial technology allows for food and fiber production that requires less water, synthetic fertilizer, and chemistry, paving the way for nutrient-dense, specialty products.

PPT’s RO/DI system was fast tracked due to limited building access requiring PPT to stage equipment and meet a demanding project schedule.

Project Scope:

Water Quality: RO/DI 18 MΩ-Type-I
Pretreatment: Carbon, softening
RO Production: 5,500 GPD
Membrane type: BW4040
Recovery rate: 70%
Reject rate: 98%
Storage Tank: 250 Gallons
Distribution Flowrate: 22 GPM
UI oxidation: 186nm & 254nm
Final Filtration: 0.2 µ
Deionization Type: MB DI Tanks
Distribution piping: PPl socket fusion
Controls: PLC, Mudbus, UL listed
Skidframe: Structural aluminum