25 Feb 2019

Confidential Science-Based Client

Location: Boston, MA

Project Profile – About the Client
Utilizing the most advanced type of manufacturing technology, this Boston, MA-based client builds with biology and designs, engineers, develops, tests, and licenses organisms. The company discovers molecules in flavors, sweeteners, cosmetic ingredients, crop treatments, and pharmaceuticals. It also provides probiotic bacteria to protect the body from dangerous infections; and generates libraries of molecules. The company serves cultured ingredients, carbon mitigation, probiotics, and natural product discovery markets.
PPT Water Purification System Designed and Engineered to Meet Customer’s Needs
The QuickLab 275-250-30-DI water purification system unit was designed to complete with two reverse osmosis membranes, two deionization tanks, one ultra-violet (UV) disinfection unit, one multi-cartridge filter (MCF) and all pumps mounted to a structural frame. The unit was factory equipped to integrate with a pre-treatment carbon filter and water softener. By way of performance the main power was 230V/480V, 3 Phase, 60Hz with incoming feedwater operating range of 40-60PSI at 5 GPM.
Suitable pretreatment included by PPT to ensure feed water contaminants were within the ranges specified in the following table. This unit adhered to ASTM Type III specifications as outlined in the chart below.

 Measurement  Type I  Type II  Type III
 Resistivity (MΩ-cm)   > 18   > 1   > 4
 Conductivity (μS/cm)   < 0.056   < 1   < 0.25
 pH at 25°C   N/A  N/A   N/A
 Total Organic Carbon (TOC)   < 50   < 50   < 200
 Sodium (ppb or μ/L)   < 1  < 5   < 10
 Chloride (ppb or μ/L)   < 1   < 5   < 10
 Silica(ppb or μ/L)   < 3   < 5   < 10

Reason for System Replacement – Rapid Company Growth.
This recent successful client has increased its capacity six-fold with a new 18,000-square-foot facility in the historic Innovation and Design Building complex in Boston, MA. The organism design company develops custom ingredients and chemical compounds for industrial inputs—things like rose and peach flavors for perfumers, special enzymes for cheese-makers, or engineered microbes for agricultural conglomerates.
PPT has the opportunity to work with many high-profile A&E and construction management teams as their go-to source for quality, high purity water systems that deliver consistent, reliable results.
The Project Team included a close partnership with The Richmond Group, who are headquartered in Hopkinton, Massachusetts. As a construction management and design/build company, they focus on planning, program management, and construction management of biotechnology, research and development, and pharmaceutical facilities.
Founded in 1991, Richmond has spent the last twenty-six years focused exclusively on serving the Eastern Massachusetts life science market. This focus allowed us to build a network of highly-specialized professionals with expertise that uniquely services clients in all aspects of the project development process.

“Why contract with PPT?”  In the words of our project partner:

“PPT offered a pure water skid that met our client’s water quality needs, budget constraints, and a tight project schedule. PPT president, Peter Sampson was able to come to the site and review the shortcomings of the existing RO skid that our client had recently outgrown. From that site review, and with the input of the end users for the new lab, Pete assisted with the selection of the QuickLab 275 unit to serve both building’s needs. I have worked with Pete on many projects. Pete and his team make the process of pure-water skid selection and procurement painless, from meeting with the client and engineers all the way through startup, PPT provides unrivaled service. The regulations from MWRA and local authorities governing these water systems and discharge can vary greatly depending on your location, PPT has been an asset in the selection of the appropriate equipment and piping arrangement for the various governing agencies. I highly recommend PPT to others in need of a high-quality product backed by knowledgeable professionals in this continuously evolving industry.”
Project Manager – The Richmond Group