25 Feb 2019

40 Erie Street Multiple Tenant Space

Location: Cambridge, MA

This 200,000 sq. ft., two-story laboratory and office facility is located in close proximity to MIT’s campus and provides space for the Life Sciences Industry. After collaboration with our customer it was decided to feed all suites with RO Water which would allow each tenant to control the final water quality as needed.

Among its prestigious tenants one firm is using PPT’s RO water system for important research in the field of neoantigen-targeted therapies, dedicated to transforming the treatment of cancer by directing the immune system towards neoantigens. These genetic mutations, which are a hallmark of cancer, can result in specific immune targets called neoantigens. Another tenant is a biopharmaceutical company who was one of the first biotech firms to use an explicit strategy of rational drug design rather than combinatorial chemistry and is a multi-time winner of the French Prix Galien most recently for their cystic fibrosis medicine.

Project Scope:

Storage Tank1500 GallonsDistribution Flowrate60 GPM

Water Quality RO Building Loop
Location Cambridge,MA
Pre-Treatment Carbon,Softening
RO-Production 9000GPD
Membrane-Type BW4040
Recover rate 70%
Reject rate 98%