24 Apr 2019

The Jeremy Rawson Group, at the University of Windsor, Gets New Solvent Purification System

About Our Client:

Organic molecules have become increasingly important in the last few decades in the development of high-tech electronics. These include organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) for flat screen display technology such as TVs. computers and mobile devices.

Organics are also used as key components in light-harvesting devices for solar cells and as organic field effect transistors (OFETs) for microelectronics. The Rawson Group research focuses on the fundamental interplay between molecular synthesis, solid state structure and physical properties with a particular interest in magnetic, conducting and optical properties of the molecules they prepare.

The Rawson group approach is centered around the synthesis and reactivity patterns of group 15/16 heterocycles, particularly those containing the elements N, P, S, and Se and the generation of stable free radicals. They exploit crystal engineering approaches to understand and design molecule-based materials and use a range of in-house techniques for compound characterization including:

* NMR and EPR spectroscopies,
* UV/vis and fluorescence measurements,
* Single crystal and powder X-ray diffraction,
* DSC and TGA
* Computational studies (DFT).

Measurements of magnetic and conducting properties are undertaken through collaborations with internationally leading experts in the field. “The Rawson Group – making designer radicals for materials science.”

About Our Project:

To assist in their research goals PPT engineered, constructed, tested, delivered, and commissioned a six solvent purification system. A partial listing of the advantages and quality components consisted of:

  • Dual high performance/capacity stainless steel solvent
    column sets (2 columns/solvent for a total of 12)
  • 6 Solvents: Acetonitrile, THF, Dichloromethane, Hexane, Toluene, Ether
  • 100 % Stainless steel frame & integrated table/safety spill tray
  • High performance 2 stage chemically resistant diaphragm
    vacuum pump rated for 41 lpm & 6 Torr (oil-free*)
  • High volume vacuum manifold ensures quick pump down for
    fast solvent draw & better evacuation of the flask.
  • FM approved flammable liquids safety cabinet to house solvent kegs
  • All solvents are color-coded from the kegs to columns
  • All flexible solvent hoses are stainless steel braid over Teflon
  • Argon manifold valves for each solvent, so the system can still run if any solvent loop needs to shut down