16 May 2019

Caltech / The Peter’s Group at the Resnick Sustainability Institute gets new SPS

Pasedena, CA

About our client

The Peters Group at Caltech Resnick Sustainability Institute pushes the boundaries of the mainstream understanding of the structure, bonding, and catalytic activity of inorganic compounds, particularly ones of relevance to global C, N, and O cycles and energy applications.

Their current project is a relatively new one for the lab and concerns the development of hydrogen evolution catalysts that operate at unusually positive potentials. This research is part of an NSF-sponsored CBC collaboration presently comprised of MIT and Caltech chemists who are jointly working towards the production of a solar fuels system using light-driven water splitting chemistry. Their group’s goal in this program is to design molecular hydrogen evolution catalysts that operate as close to the thermodynamic potential as possible (defined as zero volts versus the NHE in water). Rather than using precious platinum metal electrodes, we are trying to develop molecular catalyst replacements based upon widely available metals such as Fe, Co, and Ni. The Peter’s Group ultimate goal is to define one catalyst system that can both generate and consume hydrogen depending on the potential applied.

About their solvent purification system

PPT designed and engineered an 8 Solvent Purification System for use by The Peters Group laboratory that included:

  • Dual high performance/capacity stainless steel solvent column sets
  • 8 Solvents: Pentane, THF, Diethyl Ether, Toluene, DCM, Acetonitrile, Methanol, Dioxane
  • 100 % Stainless steel frame & integrated table/safety spill tray
  • High performance 2 stage chemically resistant diaphragm vacuum pump

PPT is a manufacturer of Solvent Purification Systems capable of purifying HPLC Grade solvents down to very low levels of moisture and oxygen content. Our systems provide a non-hazardous method to purify Solvent compared to other techniques.  PPT’s SPSs are easy to use and have been installed all over the world. Each system is designed to fit the customer’s requirement such as Fume Hood, Glove Box, Cabinet Mount, and Free Standing applications.  We provide a detailed training session with each installation and 24/7 customer support for all customers and online video assistance