25 Feb 2019

Solvent Systems – Harris Research Group, Department of Chemistry

Location: Evanston, IL

Solvent Systems for the Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences, Northwestern University

The Harris research group, of Northwestern’s department of chemistry, employs 6 column solvent systems from Pure Process Technology to reliably dry solvents that are used for air and water synthesis of metal-organic molecules and materials.

Under the direction of Dr. David Harris, the Harris Research Group exploits chemical control of spin to synthesize metal-organic radical magnets and magnetic resonance probes that map temperature, redox environment, pH, and ion concentration, and they employ metal-organic frameworks as solid-state matrices to study the structure, bonding, and reactivity of unusual metal complexes relevant to biology and catalysis.

PPT’s dedicated team of solvent system experts assisted the Harris Group in determining which system was right for their needs and guided them through the process of system selection. Through the successful turnkey completion and installation of their system Dr. Harris’s research group can look forward to trouble-free dry anhydrous solvent for years to come.

“I chose PPT based on the reputation of the company and my previous positive experiences using PPT systems during my postdoctoral work at Harvard University. We have been extremely happy with the performance of our system, and when minor problems have arisen, PPT has worked immediately to fix the issues.” – Dr. David Harris

Project Scope

Dr. Harris’s group purchased a PPT custom designed 6 column solvent system, with a 50” frame and manifold with ISO scrubber, vacuum pump, vacuum controller and 500ml take off flasks. The system was installed in the laboratory in the Department of Chemistry at Northwestern University. It is used by graduate students, undergraduate students, and postdoctoral associates to dry solvents that are used for the air and water free synthesis of functional metal-organic molecules and materials. Dr. Harris has shared that his department would not be able to safely dry solvents without the PPT solvent purification system as dry solvents are an integral component in most of their research.

6 solvent, free standing with DMF Isoyanate Scrubber and vacuum controller used to dry the following solvents:

THF – Tetrahydrofuran
DMF – Dimethylformamide