25 Feb 2019

Install and Training for 2 Five Solvent Enclosed Cabinets Systems

Location: Houston, TX

Department of Chemistry, Rice University, Houston, TX & UT Southwestern, Dallas, TX

Professor Laszlo Kürti, of the department of chemistry at Rice University, purchased 2 five solvent enclosed cabinets systems from PPT for use by postdocs, grad students, and undergraduates. This system replaces the need to put the solvent system into a fume hood, additionally, it is a safe and secure cabinet option that meets stringent EH & S department regulations.

Prof. Kürti ‘s department conducts synthetic organic chemistry research. This includes the development of new reactions and new reagents. The Kürti group focuses on the development of powerful new methods for the expedient enantioselective assembly of highly functionalized biaryls, heterocycles, and carbocycles. The group members utilize the dry and pure solvents (10 solvents on tap) for all of the reactions they run.

Prof. Kürti was familiar with PPT having purchased his first system while working at the Chemistry department of UT Southwestern. He was particularly satisfied that the wheels on his unit gave his staff the freedom to put the cabinets anywhere in the lab.  “As the lab grows, we have new equipment and new furniture coming in and we enjoy the flexibility of moving these cabinets with ease.”

“I would recommend this system without any reservations. Using it simplifies workflow in the lab and saves us considerable money as the dry solvents can be obtained on demand and we do not have to buy the dry solvents in small bottles.” – Professor Laszlo Kürti, Department of Chemistry, Rice University