14 May 2019

The University of Rochester, Chemistry Department

Rochester, NY

About our client

The Paradine Research Group in the Department of Chemistry at The University of Rochester is a group of chemists who are using transition metal catalysis of C-C bond forming transformations for the efficient and versatile synthesis of stereochemically complex organic molecular scaffolds. We love finding new ways to control site-, chemo-, and stereoselectivity in synthetic organic transformations.

About their solvent purification system

PPT designed, engineered and installed a 6 solvent, cabinet mount solvent purification system with an isocyanate scrubber, diaphragm pump, vacuum controller, and the following solvents:

  1. DCM
  2. Ether
  3. THF
  4. Acetonitrile
  5. Methanol

PPT is a manufacturer of Solvent Purification Systems capable of purifying HPLC Grade solvents down to very low levels of moisture and oxygen content. Our systems provide a non-hazardous method to purify Solvent compared to other techniques.  PPT’s SPSs are easy to use and have been installed all over the world. Each system is designed to fit the customer’s requirement such as Fume Hood, Glove Box, Cabinet Mount, and Free Standing applications.  We provide a detailed training session with each installation and 24/7 customer support for all customers and online video assistance.