25 Feb 2019

Solvent Purification System – Dartmouth College, Department of Chemistry

Location: Hanover, NH

Professor Micalizio and the department of chemistry at Dartmouth College use their custom built and PPT installed 5 column solvent purification system in lab research conducted by students at every level including undergraduates, graduates, and postdoctoral associates. The system is specifically used to provide access to dry, anhydrous solvents without the use of solvent stills. There are many reasons why a laboratory should use the PPT solvent purification process over a solvent still. Most large industrial environments and labs in the know avoid the use of solvent stills as the history of ‘lab-accident’ stories abound with the dangers inherent with their operation.

Prof. Micalizio specifically conducts organic chemistry research involving reaction methodology/synthesis strategy, natural product synthesis, and discovery-oriented synthesis. His main reason for choosing the PPT 5 column solvent solution was ‘reputation.’ As Professor of Chemistry at Dartmouth, as well as his prior positions as Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry at The Scripps Research Institute, and as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry at Yale University, Professor Micalizio is very familiar with the reliability and performance of PPT’s solvent purification systems.

Through the successful turnkey completion and installation of their system, Prof. Micalizio, his students and colleagues, can look forward to trouble free dry anhydrous solvent for years to come.

Project Scope

Onsite installation of a 5 Solvent Cabinet Mounted System with Isocyanate Scrubber, Vaccum Controller and (5) SG1-250 250ml take off flasks.

THF – Tetrahydrofuran
Ether (Et20)
DCM – Dichloromethane
DMF – Dimethylformamide