25 Feb 2019

Solvent Purification System for Confidential Non-Profit Health Organization

This lab is comprised of a network of hospitals, outpatient services, assisted living and long-term care facilities, and healthcare centers. With a proven commitment to research and innovation, their focus is on bringing new treatments to the patient’s bedside safely and quickly, advancing clinical innovation in Northern Virginia and beyond. In addition, this organization sponsors numerous research studies conducted by nationally recognized researchers in collaboration with other healthcare organizations, major universities, global pharmaceutical and biomechanics companies.

PPT assisted this NPO by engineering, delivering, assembling, and testing a Cabinet Mount Solvent Purification System with 4 Solvents columns, isocyanate scrubber, one extra empty slot for future use and 4 take off flasks. Solvents to be used included THF, Ethyl Acetate, DCM and DMF.