25 Feb 2019

Recommissioning Move from the University of Wisconsin to Install at MIT/Raines Group

Location: Cambridge, MA

SPS Installation and Testing

The Raines Group at MIT, recently requested a PPT Solvent Purification System installed, that was recommissioned and shipped to the MIT Chemistry lab for use in their research.

SPS components included a 6 column system installed using tetrahydrofuran, diethyl ether, dichloromethane, dimethylformamide (with isocyanate scrubber), triethyl amine and toluene. PPT has installed multiple SPS systems within the MIT science lab community.

Client Background

Using techniques that range from synthetic chemistry to cell biology, the Raines Lab group, headed by Professor Ronald Raines, is illuminating in atomic detail both the chemical basis and the biological purpose for protein structure and protein function. The efforts of the Raines group are leading to insights into the relationship between amino acid sequence and protein function (or dysfunction), as well as to the creation of novel molecules with desirable properties.
The research projects in the Raines laboratory are designed to reveal how biological phenomena can be explained with the principles of chemistry. The hypotheses are far-reaching, and testing them requires the use of techniques and ideas from diverse disciplines.

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