25 Feb 2019

Hydrogen Generation

Location: International

This global leader in innovative gas solutions provides laboratories with hydrogen, nitrogen and zero air generators, enabling customers to get the gas they need, when and where they need it. PPT’s collaboration was needed to help meet the demand for hydrogen fuel by converting energy from renewable sources into hydrogen via PEM water electrolysis, on-site gas generators produce green hydrogen to drive carbon-free emissions. To this end they needed a DI Water Polish Skid to ensure the varying water quality into their Hydrogen Generators was constant.


Project Scope:
Specialized controls were developed to monitor the system remotely to ensure no downtime. A customized Modbus program was written specifically for their needs.


Water Quality DI Polish Skid -18 Ω
Pretreatment RO
RO Production N/A
Membrane type N/A
Recovery rate N/A
Storage Tank 125 Gallons-x2
Distribution Flowrate 8 GPM
UI oxidation 254nm
Final Filtration 1 µ
Deionization Type N/A
Distribution piping PPl socket fusion
controls PLC,Mudbus,UL listed