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Water Project description

Regenerative Medicine


This client in Waltham, MA is a clinical-stage company, focusing on the development of restorative cell therapies in the United States. The company offers a tissue implant product, which is in Phase III clinical trial to treat tissue injury in the field of orthopedics, specifically cartilage damage in the knee.         Project […]

Gene Therapy


Our client is a large pharmaceutical company in Lexington, MA, delivering on the promise of gene therapy, single treatments with potentially curative results. They have developed a modular technology platform to rapidly bring new disease-modifying therapies to patients with severe genetic diseases. Their facility is one of the largest, most versatile gene therapy manufacturing facilities […]

Hydrogen Generation


This global leader in innovative gas solutions provides laboratories with hydrogen, nitrogen and zero air generators, enabling customers to get the gas they need, when and where they need it. PPT’s collaboration was needed to help meet the demand for hydrogen fuel by converting energy from renewable sources into hydrogen via PEM water electrolysis, on-site […]

40 Erie Street Multiple Tenant Space


This 200,000 sq. ft., two-story laboratory and office facility is located in close proximity to MIT’s campus and provides space for the Life Sciences Industry. After collaboration with our customer it was decided to feed all suites with RO Water which would allow each tenant to control the final water quality as needed. Among its […]