02 Nov 2017

What Industries Need Water Purification?

Some people know they need a water purification system for their business, and others may neglect to include it in their planning stage not realizing it until the moment it’s needed. Take a look at this quick guide to see if your industry should employ water purification in your project scope for added customer and product value.


When you raise livestock, you need to provide water for the animals. Pure water means the animals can produce higher quality meat, milk, or eggs, which translates into happy customers and larger profit margin. Agricultural scientists also utilize high purity water for studying issues like genetically modified plants. With a high purity water system the water is continuously circulated through the tank, this counters the build-up that occurs in nutrient dosed feed water where there is concern of bacteria and mold spore residue.


Food and beverage industries need pure water for consistent taste quality. Contaminants in the water would leave a bad taste in the end product and mean a quick end to the product line. Contaminated water can also make consumers gravely ill—bacteria and other microbes are invisible to the naked eye and can pass through food-grade strainers. Purify the water to keep your customers safe.


Industrial equipment often requires high purity water. It could be for working with metals or plastics, or possibly for high-powered water jets. Whatever the application, a water purification system can help industrial businesses.


When dealing with medicine, it is critical to ensure no impurities are in the water. A mistake here can lead to fatal illnesses. This means, in labs and hospital settings, ultrapure water is needed. Labs need this level of water for testing procedures involving patient samples. Hospital settings must have pure water for caring for patients and maintaining a sterile environment.


The semiconductor industry is one that requires a large amount of ultrapure water. The water can be used to dilute chemicals within the semiconductors or wash components. The water must be pure because of the delicate nature of the semiconductor process—any impurities in the water could mean the electricity is interrupted and the semiconductor is useless.

Impure water in the pharmaceutical industry will lead to problems such as ineffective drugs or potentially harmful ones. Experiments in testing drugs will be ruined. As pharmaceutical companies are often doing work that can save lives, it’s extremely vital that pure water is used in this industry.


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