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Testimonial 6


“The PPT system offered a dual-pass purification system in contrast to circulating systems offered by others. Additionally, we believed the ability to work closely with PPT and the flexibility that the company offered in outfitting the custom-built glass contour/PPT system for connection to our gloveboxes were both huge assets.” Solvent Purification System Manager Rose Research […]

Testimonial 5


“PPT is the industry leader in solvent system applications, and no other company can provide solvents as dry. Their systems also include several exclusive safety features. Only PPT can provide the level of solvent purity essential for my research.” Chemistry Prof. Department of Chemistry, The University of Alabama

Testimonial 4


“My main reason for choosing the solvent purification solution was ‘reputation.’ As Professor of Chemistry at Dartmouth, and as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry at Yale University, I am very familiar with the reliability and performance of PPT’s systems.” Chemistry Professor Department of Chemistry, Dartmouth College

Testimonial 3


“Pure Process Technology provides excellent solutions for us and our clients. Project delivery schedules, commissioning and turnovers always meet our expectations.” Manager, Capital Sales Purified Water Systems Veolia Water Technologies / ELGA

Testimonial 2


“I chose PPT based on the reputation of the company and my previous positive experiences using PPT systems during my postdoctoral work at Harvard University. We have been extremely happy with the performance of our system, and when minor problems have arisen, PPT has worked immediately to fix the issues.” Dr. David Harris Harris Research […]

Testimonial 1


“PPT has been an asset in the selection of the appropriate equipment and piping arrangement for the various governing agencies. I highly recommend PPT to others in need of a high quality product backed by knowledgeable professionals in this continuously evolving industry.” Project Manager – The Richmond Group