05 Jun 2017

Short Primer on Laboratory Water Purification Standards

At Pure Process Technology, we pride ourselves on having provided tailor-made solutions to the challenges faced by industrial-grade laboratories for over two decades. Based on clients’ needs, our engineers and experts take the initiative, to ensure our clients’ goals are met responsively, and that our systems help them to meet and exceed today’s rigorous purity requirements. When it comes to laboratory water purification, PPT has proven itself as a leader in the field.

Information fuels confident purchasing.

We arm our customers, both current and prospective, with the knowledge required to help make them make the best decisions possible when it comes to purchasing high purity water equipment. We’ve assembled this short primer on the different kinds of water purity standards and guidelines that determine the specifications we build our equipment on.

ASTM D1193-91 Types I, II, III, and IV

One of the most widely used set of standards, the ASTM divides their tiered specifications for laboratory water purification and other applications into four types, starting with Type I and going to Type IV. Type IV represents the least strict standards, while Type I represents the most stringent. When it comes to most laboratories that depend on highly purified water, most systems will want to adhere to Type I standards. PPT has provided numerous Type I standard equipment to labs and universities across the nation.

CAP – 1988

Similarly to ASTM, the College of American Pathologists divides their standards into three tiers as well, starting with Type I and ending with Type III. These standards describe the purity of laboratory water purification required to work with microorganisms, with Type I being the strictest and suggested standard for cell cultures and tissue cultures, and Type II being used for mundane or routine laboratory procedures relating to immunology and other fields.

Our expert technical team designs, engineers, and constructs systems daily in order to help scientists and doctors from across all fields and backgrounds carry out their beneficial work confidently.

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