02 Aug 2017

Price: A Significant Factor of Water Purification System Quality

A business associate of mine, in the market for a water purification system, asked my advice on what he should consider as the most important factors upon which to base his purchasing decision. It brought to mind a personal experience that a friend shared with me over lunch one day. I thought it was a great analogy so I shared it with him and would now like to share it with our WT audience.

Research before selecting.

My friend began her story by saying she likes to keep things simple. When the task is too complicated, she hires someone. When she decided to upgrade the floors in her house, she did the necessary research and read reviews of professional construction teams in her geographical area. She could tell by their websites, or lack of a website, what size their company was, and what kind of projects they had done. Customer reviews told her how many people recommended their services.

Narrowing the field for selection and quotes.

She then selected three companies to interview and requested a quote, but, she continued, “even solid research doesn’t always uncover the facts associated with a company’s work ethic.” She paused at this point and admitted to being blindsided by a previous ‘low bidder’ home improvement business that she hired for a basement finishing project. This company promised to have the job done in a week – but she soon discovered the dark secret to their speed.

Beware the reason for lower pricing.

Her punch list review revealed they didn’t even take the time to plaster over sheetrock screws so the painting would be smooth, nor did they apply a base coat to the new wood they used. The knots glaring through the thin paint on that wood, she said, “mock her poor decision to this day.” Determined not to make the same mistakes with her flooring project, she made a conscious decision, based on a set of criteria, and choose the company who

  1. Presented the best overall plan on how the project would proceed
  2. Demonstrated the quality and reputation of the materials they recommended
  3. Backed up their work with maintenance if and when needed
  4. Promised installation promptly that was convenient to HER schedule

It is important to note that this company did not supply the ‘lowest’ quote to my friend. As she pointed out, “I make mistakes, but I try to learn from them.”

Learning from others mistakes is less painful.

This example is, of course, a personal experience, but one with a valuable lesson that applies to business situations on a much larger scale. Consider that you are in a position to purchase a lab water purification system for a complex building project. You must select from competing bidders, but you may not be familiar with, for example, the technical aspects and components necessary to ensure the quality behind this type of sophisticated system.

Checklist for water purification system selection.

I recommend a checklist that can be applied to ensure the water purification system gets installed properly and in a timely manner. An experienced manufacturer will provide a smooth process and confidence in your selection.

  • Research the quality, construction, durability and required maintenance of the product.
  • Get reviews on the company being considered to deliver your system, including recommendations from colleagues who have worked with the recognized enterprise(s).
  • Ensure that the business you choose has spelled out in your contract, exactly what and what is not part of your purchase. For example: Is the company promising delivery and installation? Keep in mind that trusted pure water purification systems only work properly when professionally installed and tested on site.
  • Does the selected vendor offer a maintenance service contract? Routine maintenance prevents usage disruption, saving time and money. Lastly…
  • Realize that you ‘always’ get what you pay for.

If you’d like more information or assistance with purchasing a water purification system for your next construction project, feel free to call PPT. I also encourage you to review our list of successful projects, examine our SkidSpec and QuickLab systems in detail, and schedule an educational, informative Lunch & Learn on relevant topics for your staff members.