SkidSpec offers you pre-designed, pre-engineered ASTM, CLSI and USP water quality in a complete turnkey package.

Pretreatment Packages

PPT’s Pre-Treatment Packages are pre-designed, pre-engineered and in most cases can be skid mounted.  Therefore it is especially useful when projects have limited space, aggressive cycles, or there is a need for simplified maintenance.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis is the lifeblood of your water purification system.  At PPT we use the most up to date design software to ensure maximized performance for your RODI water skid. In most applications, our skidSpec systems will run at 70% Recovery and > 97% Rejection.

We only utilize the highest quality components, due to the fact that we want to ensure you have many years of trouble-free operation.

Purified Water Storage

Pure water storage is another critical area in maintaining water quality. Our SkidSpec purification systems ensure that the purified water is stored safely, in an environment that will not compromise your valuable resource.

SkidSpec tanks ALWAYS have the correct:

  • Turnover rate
  • Spray ball velocity
  • Proper trapping

Water Purified Distribution

All of our SkidSpec Designs are centered around these specifications, so there is no doubt about what to expect.

SkidSpec Distribution Options Include:

  • Mixed bed DI
  • Sub-micron filtration
  • Ultraviolet oxidation
  • Simplex or duplex configuration