13 Sep 2018

In Search of Support

In the arena of complex solvent purification and dispensing systems, support should be priority number one.

While there may be numerous businesses serving the metallic and organic chemistry laboratory research spaces with solvent purification and dispensing systems, only a handful will have the capability and trained personnel to back up their systems with an on-call expert and a support video library with 24/7 access.

Meet PPT’s ‘Dr.’ Mike

PPT’s Mike Carlson is our designated support technician. He accompanies new SPSs to their destinations when requested (90% of the time). He has in-depth knowledge and firsthand experience in engineering, building, and troubleshooting these systems. In other words, there probably isn’t a question or challenge he hasn’t handled. Finding solutions is in his DNA.

Due to the complex nature of the integrated components in an SPS, coupled with sensitive chemical solvent reactions, a myriad of events, circumstances and mishaps in the lab, the most astute scientific minds can be driven to distraction. Remember too, that many different hands with varying levels of research experience may share access to these sophisticated systems, a scenario occurring most often, in a university chemistry laboratory setting.

Everyone Must Start Somewhere

Laboratories are for learning. Conducting research experimentation is paramount to that goal. While lab managers and directors are successful at conducting experiments for research projects one would not expect them to know the intricate nuances and circumstances that might derail their processes. Nor can they predict when an inexperienced assistant’s error may cause poor or inaccurate results. Certain circumstances just can’t be anticipated but they can be rectified with a support lifeline in place.

Do the Research Before You Buy

Researching what kind of support is available is just as important as researching the quality and price of the unit. To the chemistry lab professional, it may be more important. Accurate documentation is necessary, but when this information is offered with an accompanying video and an expert resource for timely answers… it’s a trifecta.

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