19 Mar 2018

Engineers See Bid-Ready Specs As a No-Brainer

You strive daily to translate engineering concepts into total, practical and technically superior solutions for your clients. That’s what makes you successful. Before you submit a bid, every component, every detail, and every equation is thoroughly examined for the best value it will deliver. Your name is on it and you own it.

Speeding up the bidding process.

The Bid process is complex and multi-faceted so it is logical to seek out contractors who can alleviate research and calculation time, like PPT, who offers bid-ready specs for HPW. HPW (high purity water) systems are often a requirement that must be included in bids focused on multi-tenant pharmaceutical development projects, agricultural research and grow facilities, R & D, and medical research laboratories, to name a few.

PPT proudly imprints their name on every system they create, from their standard QuickLab units to their customizable, pre-engineered SkidSpec HPW RODI workhorse systems. We build them, we install them, we maintain them – and from a customer satisfaction point of view, we own them.

Partnering with an expert.

When your bid proposal calls for an HPW system it just makes sense to partner with a manufacturer who, like you, delivers value to the client by focusing on engineering, designing and constructing the highest quality product on the market. An experienced partner who overcomes the challenges inherent in space allocation, construction schedules, and municipal directives is an asset to your project.

Choose a company committed to your success.

Long after your engineering company has successfully completed their contract, PPT will be standing behind their commitment of excellence to you and your client. It is impossible to put a price on the peace of mind and value this kind of commitment brings to the table – but don’t worry, it comes installed with every High Purity Water System PPT delivers.


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