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From A US solar energy company headquartered in Redwood City, California. I’m Interested in a 3-5 solvent drying cabinet mount system. (I only have 43″ of width available.) Questions: (1) We have high purity house N2. Can this be used in place of Ar? (2) What are the ventilation requirements for these systems? Please advise. -Thanks, DR


Thanks for contacting us. To answer your questions, yes you can use High Purity N2 in place of Ar as long as it’s from a liquid source (blow off from a dewar or liquid tank). If you’re all set with that then we could fit a five solvent system inside 43″, I attached a drawing […]

We have a Glass Contour solvent system and are planning to move it into another location as part of a building process. Our hope is that we can disconnect the solvent kegs, close the valves for the columns, and move the system in one piece to make the setup process as simple as possible. I wanted to check to see whether there are any special considerations we should note as we plan for this move.


The easiest way would be to strap the Solvent Cabinet up to the frame lifting it off the floor.  Use casters under each leg of the frame to roll it to its new location. This way you do not have to disconnect anything, we’ve done this many times and can lend you the casters if […]