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The University of Rochester, Chemistry Department


Rochester, NY About our client The Paradine Research Group in the Department of Chemistry at The University of Rochester is a group of chemists who are using transition metal catalysis of C-C bond forming transformations for the efficient and versatile synthesis of stereochemically complex organic molecular scaffolds. We love finding new ways to control site-, […]

The Jeremy Rawson Group, at the University of Windsor, Gets New Solvent Purification System


About Our Client: Organic molecules have become increasingly important in the last few decades in the development of high-tech electronics. These include organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) for flat screen display technology such as TVs. computers and mobile devices. Organics are also used as key components in light-harvesting devices for solar cells and as organic field […]

New SPS for The University of Texas at Austin, Chemistry Department


About our client: The Department of Chemistry at UT Austin is recognized as one of the leading chemistry research departments in the country with research areas in bioanalytical chemistry, bioorganic chemistry, biophysics, catalysis, chemical biology, chemical physics and dynamics, chemical theory and computation, drugs, drug discovery & diagnostics, electrochemistry, energy, environment & sustainability, environmental chemistry, […]