10 Apr 2019

Purified Water System In Pharmaceutical Industry

Water is a necessary ingredient for pharmaceutical manufacturing. Some people know they need a water purification system for their business, and others may neglect to include it in their planning stage not realizing it until the moment it’s needed. Once purified, non-compendial water, purified water or water for injection must be stored and distributed in systems appropriately designed, installed, commissioned and validated. Controlling the water quality in the distribution loop to ensure delivery to the point of use at the required flow and temperature can be challenging. Which is why pharmaceutical manufacturers looking for sustainable, energy-efficient solutions to deal with, or prevent, rouging, biofilm buildup or other impurities in the water distribution loop so get it by pure process technology.

Take a look at this quick guide to see if the Purified Water system in pharmaceutical industry should employ water purification in your project scope for the added customer and product value.

Objective For Purified Water System In Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Maintain water quality inside acceptable limits
  • Deliver water to the points-of-use at the specified flow and temperature
  • Minimize capital investment and operative expenses
  • Ease validation of all instrumentality, spare components and repair kits


Industrial equipment often requires high purity water. It could be for working with metals or plastics, or possibly for high-powered water jets. Whatever the application, a water purification system can help industrial businesses.

Pharmaceutical industry

Impure water in the pharmaceutical industry will lead to problems such as ineffective drugs or potentially harmful ones. Experiments in testing drugs will be ruined. As pharmaceutical companies are often doing work that can save lives, it’s extremely vital that pure water is used in this industry.


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