02 Jan 2019

Increase High Purity Water Knowledge, Bidding Efficiency, and Your Bottom Line in One Hour

Staying up to date in highly technical, evolving disciplines.

The design, mechanical, plumbing, and building world is without question a precise, highly competitive arena. What you learn and how you can apply the knowledge, will position you and your company as a formidable competitor. Professional estimators in these trades are involved with design and construction costs, however, their tasks don’t stop there. Creating estimates for process or manufacturing areas is also their responsibility and involves accessing accurate information in a timely manner.

Accurate forecasting ensures success.

How many decisions are reliant on an accurate estimate? From an owner’s perspective, the cost estimate may be used to determine the project scope or whether the project should proceed. The construction contractor’s cost estimate will determine the construction bid or whether the company will bid on the construction contract.

Most lucrative firms have highly, skilled, knowledgeable professionals who are juggling many elements within a large bid. A certain amount of staff is seasoned and experienced, but some are new to the industry. Many employees assume multiple roles, and most lack detailed information on less familiar bid requirements such as a  high purity water system. Although an HPW system may be lower on the bid list, it’s specification and footprint planning are key in the design stage.

Find solutions that have a history of cost-effectiveness and reliability.

It is not surprising, given the importance placed on an estimate to deliver a successful outcome, that a line item on a bid list of thousands may not be given adequate consideration The pressure inherent in this relentless competition for contracts is real and those deciphering what is needed and how the process fits into the project budget must have access to current, reliable solutions. If water treatment is involved in your project, design considerations could include:

  • Does your project call for the highest water quality using one system?
  • How will the HPW System be balanced between daily usage and storage?
  • Are space and access issues being considered?

How will you ensure that the loop design meets flow requirements?

Consider a presentation tailored to your project needs.

As the previous considerations are just the tip of the iceberg for deciding which is the best HPW system for your bid project, we recommend taking advantage of an HPW professional Lunch ‘N Learn session from a company who is known as the industry’s HPW leader. Although it’s great to have a free lunch with your colleagues, the tips and information presented in the PPT presentation will also provide a valuable explanation of the processes, uses, and planning involved when adding a high purity water system to your bids. PPT can customize your presentation to fit your companies’ interest and level of expertise. The information is invaluable for staff unfamiliar with HPW systems and offers a thorough update on the latest advancements in the world of high purity water for more experienced professionals.

A solution for a complicated bidding process.

The bidding process will always be complicated and time-consuming but having confidence in your decisions concerning HPW systems is easily attainable and invaluable. Bookings in the New England area are now being accepted on a first come, first served basis. For more information visit our website and signup for an HPW Lunch ‘N Learn today. If you need additional information or wish to discuss your particular area of interest call Pete at 603-598-0691.