23 Feb 2019

Our lab has a glass contour solvent system and four solvents purification systems inside (THF/ Tetrahydrofuran, toluene, dichloromethane, and DMF/ Dimethylformamide). 1. We have used this system for 5 years and just wonder if it is necessary to change the columns? 2. We do not know how long the columns can be used to dry solvents normally. Does PPT carry replacement columns that will fit our solvent system? 3. Also, we normally fill the solvent kegs with anhydrous solvents for best system performance, but is it possible to fill the kegs with lower grade solvents?

PPT’s response to the question about this 4-column system:

  1. We recommend changing columns after 4-5 years; typically, that’s the life span of columns for a lab with average use. The other way is to test for water with a Karl Fisher Titrator but most labs do not have access to those.
  2. Yes, our columnsfit both glass contour and PPT systems.
  3. Using HPLC or ACS grade solventis recommended for filling columns, anhydrous solvent is much more expensive and not necessary.