26 Feb 2019

Replacing columns for a solvent purification system.I am a graduate student at Baylor University who has been put in charge of maintaining our solvent purification system. This system looks nearly identical to the pictures posted on your website. I have a few questions: 1. Can you replace the desiccant in our columns if we ship them to you? if so how much does this cost? 2. Can we buy desiccant and refill the columns ourselves? We will buy it from you guys if the answer is yes. 3. Is it possible to reactivate the desiccant in a column if it becomes saturated with water but has not lost any structural integrity? 4. We can easily bypass the columns on our system by attaching the keg directly to the dispensing bulbs but have been too timid to put this into practice. Are there any problems associated with transferring dry solvent to the keg and using our system to dispense it? I would greatly appreciate if someone answers any of these questions or refer me to somewhere that I can search for the information. -Thank You, Josh.

Hi Josh, Thanks for reaching out, yes, we can take care of your columns.

If you send them back we can refill and activate them – cost is $850.00 per solvent (two columns) plus $945.00 if you need an ISO columns (small columns at the top of the valve plate.  We only use those for Amine solvents, it will stick out if you look at the system)

This is really the only option other than replacement columns which are $1,450.00 per solvent. Those we send you new ones first then you send the old ones back empty and dry.

Let me know which solvents you have and we can send a quote. -Thanks, Pete Sampson