16 Feb 2019

I am writing to you in regards to a SPS system installed in the Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology at University of Copenhagen. As far as I know, the system was installed in 2011 and it’s been running on originally supplied columns since then. 1. I would like to ask whether the columns should be replaced with new ones? We don’t have easy access to KF titration to measure the water content. Estimated amounts of solvents that passed through the columns since 2011 are: THF-150 liters; DCM-170 liters and DM-130 liters 2. Please also indicate if there is a local representative, we can get in touch with in order to purchase new columns and reservoirs?

PPT’s response to this 2-part question about the system installed in 2011:

  1. Generally, we recommend changing columns every four to five years but based on your usage above you have not used a lot of solvents.  On a volume basis, the capacity ranges between 600 – 800 liters of capacity.  I would say you are probably fine for now however without testing, it’s difficult to know how exactly the columns are performing.  If your reactions are looking good and you’re not seeing any unusual results I would say run them for another year and then think about changing them. My recommendations are, of course, based on proper use and proper quality of solvents through the system.
  2. Feel free to contact our office for prompt processing of replacement columns when you are ready.