23 Feb 2019

We have been using PPT SPS for around 5 years and it performs really well. It consists of six solvents including Pentane and recently we noticed an issue with the pentane line. Solvent (pentane) does not come out even if the keg is full. Only less than 50 ml can be collected at a time. We are not sure whether the problem is with the column or the line. We would be grateful if you could provide us some assistance in this matter. The filter is clean. Pentane column has never been replaced before.

Thank you for contacting PPT concerning your solvent question. You can try a few things. First, I would need to know what pressure the Argon Gas is set to? Ideally, you want that between 8-12psi, I recommend running the system at 10psi.

You can also try removing the flask and using a beaker. Place it beneath where the flask goes and open the solvent valve. The solvent should flow freely into the beaker.

If you do not get good flow, try removing the tubing above the filter, but first, you need to close the valve on the column. Then try flowing solvent through the tubing above the filter.